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    п»їAre couples who make a lot of love necessarily happier?
    Published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, a recent US study, conducted over 3 months, makes the link between happiness and sex. For their research, the scientists analyzed the responses of 128 heterosexual people and couples, asking them in particular the frequency of their reports, sexual positions, their level of well-being, their state of health. After taking basic data, they asked some to increase their weekly sexual activity to see if it affected their happiness. Verdict? This did have an impact, but necessarily the one we think of since the group that had more sexual intercourse noted their well-being less well as the quality of the reports. According to the researchers, the explanation might come from the fact that participants would have seen the artificial side of the exercise instead of viewing it as voluntary. The increase in the frequency of intercourse may also have reduced sexual appetite.
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    If doing more spats under the duvet on demand would not guarantee to have a happier couple, the authors of the study clearly noted a "positive correlation between sexual frequency and happiness". For them, the motivation and willingness of each member of the couple for increased sexual activity would be very important for this to give real results on the level of happiness. "If we led again the study, and if we had the means, we would try to encourage subjects to initiate more reports but following sexy stagings, such as at the hotel or buying Egyptian cotton sheets, rather than just telling them to do it, "said lead author George Leowenstein. See also: Sexuality: What makes men crack? To follow the news, subscribe to the buzz newsletter Want to spice up your hugs? Get inspired by Kamasutra!
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    by Natacha Rivalan

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